Episode 5.8 — St. Louis Minority Business Council

There are millions of minority-owned businesses in the United States. While the number of minority-owned businesses is on the rise, many are often faced with challenges when it comes to clear plans of action to achieve their major goals. How do minority-firms know what to do when a standard or design has never existed?

In this episode of #ETHINKSTL, we will learn more about the St. Louis Minority Business Council. This business development organization focuses on assisting minority owned businesses to develop strategic relationships and partnerships with major sourcing organizations. The result is mutually beneficial business relationships that facilitate measurable regional economic prosperity and equity.

Joining us is Lakesha Mathis. She is the Program Manager with the St. Louis Regional Chamber. Lakesha was born in Chicago, Illinois and raised in Arkansas. She received a BA from the University of Missouri, St. Louis in Political Science. Later she returned to UMSL to continue her studies this time focusing on Public Policy Administration with an emphasis on Urban Planning. After 10 years with Missouri American Water, she transitioned to become a full-time entrepreneur working alongside her husband to build List Towing Service, LLC, a tow trucking company, in 2016. Lakesha is married with two. They reside in St. Louis metropolitan area. Additionally, she is the author of two self-published books If Pluto Isn’t a Planet a memoir and “The Conspiracy of You”, a self-help guide. She is currently working with the St. Louis Regional Chamber as the St. Louis Minority Business Council’s Programs Manager.

In this episode:
– The mission of the St. Louis Minority Business Council
– How partnerships are initiated and developed
– How the MBC is working on policy changes
– What are the primary benefits of membership with the St. Louis Minority Business Council

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Episode 5.8 — St. Louis Minority Business Council
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