Episode 5.7 — World-Wide Wonder Woman Genera Moore

Meet the dynamic Genera Moore, founder and CEO of Motorparts Nation. If you look at Genera Moore’s LinkedIn profile you might not know that she is a St. Louis native. In fact, she is a global citizen. She’s journeyed from Atlanta to Dubai to Africa and back to St. Louis through industries ranging from entertainment to government to motor parts. She’s produced global entertainment events for the likes of Janet Jackson and Snoop Dogg. She cut her international business chops with a brokerage firm that obtained the rights for various luxury brands and brought their franchises into the Dubai market. She introduced the first Lexani luxury motorcar to the market and LXR&CO for women’s vintage hand bags. She moves mountains from whatever port she calls home. Cheryl and Christy catch up with her when she was in town for a little while. We get to take a ride with her as she shares her inspiring entrepreneurial story.

In this episode:
– How she entered into her line of work
– How to find a co-owner
– How to move into the African market
– What people are missing by staying out of the international market
– Why she returned to St. Louis when she could work from anywhere in the world
– What have some of the biggest challenges been of starting her own company
– How to approach and manage risk
– Advice for women working in male dominated industries like motor parts

Episode 5.7 — World-Wide Wonder Woman Genera Moore
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