Episode 2.13 – Coding New Formula of Success for Children of Color

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Entrepreneurs are driven to identify and solve problems. In the entrepreneurial ecosystem it’s called the “pain” point of customers. Shay Gillespie and Jared Arms created their businesses out of distinctly different sources of personal pain. Coincidentally, each had a passion and focus to improve opportunities for African-American children in the technology sector with coding and programming instruction.

Shay, the founder and owner of “Color Coded Kids” knows the impact of technology on a global scale and from a corporate vantage place, while Jared, at just 23 years old, founded “Kylar for Kids” and entered into the IT space from a very different and unlikely point of origin.

Shay needed a practical and accessible source for IT instruction for her young son and discovered most of the mothers she knew shared that need. Jared got started while responded to the pain of losing friends and loved ones to gun violence. Each of them stumbled onto very viable answers to a common community need—access to resources and information. Both now have not only created opportunities for themselves, they have changed the landscape for generations to come. This is not an average conversation. Join Cheryl and Christy with Shay and Jared in this episode that will change the way you view entrepreneurship, your roadmap and unforeseen business opportunities.

In this episode:
How finding the answer to the unasked questions can become your great business idea!
How important the role of a mentor and partnership can be in getting your idea off the ground.
What do you do if you don’t know all there is to know about your business, industry or market?
Where you can find great programming instruction for your kids, yourself and the elders.
How you can earn a significant living in the IT sector with unlimited opportunities.

Episode 2.13 – Coding New Formula of Success for Children of Color