Episode 2.7 – Inside Home Health Care: the Expanse of Opportunities, Challenges and Trends

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“Pivot on Your Plan” is a term we use in the innovation community. In the lives of these two resilient entrepreneurs, “pivot” played a critical role. So did mentorship, a solid team and being aware of and ready for change. Today, we are speaking with two innovative entrepreneurs who found success and futures in the home healthcare market sector —one is considered the “queen” of the industry and the other a “rising princess”. Meet Ada Joyce Taylor, owner of Deer Valley Home Health and Dacia Betts, owner of Integrity Home Health Services.

Each are visionaries with real world experiences in the home health care industry and insight that only those who have been in the trenches could profess.

Ada Joyce Taylor, founder and CEO of Deer Valley Home Health Care, began her journey as a teenager. With her vision, team and a plan she has grown Deer Valley to be one of the largest, most visible and successful service providers in the region. Listen to Mrs. Ada tell her story and begin building on new ventures in the studio!

Dacia Betts, founder and owner of Integrity Services, owns and operates multiple complimentary businesses that all have a mission toward empowering the community. Her no-limits approach is how she’s worked with some of the best in industry and found untapped opportunity.

Key to this conversation are the vast opportunities that exist in and around home healthcare. The ladies give insight into person-centered care, veteran and cancer support services. Where they found obstacles, they found motivation and new ways to solve problems.

No boundaries for these dynamic women who both believe in loving your work, working hard and not waiting until the “end” to enjoy life today. We gleaned from their wise perspectives on business growth and development. Join Cheryl and Christy in discovering the trends, challenges and opportunities in home health care.

Episode 2.7 – Inside Home Health Care: the Expanse of Opportunities, Challenges and Trends