Episode 2.4 – From Farmers to Physicists – AgTech Trends


From farmer to physicist, the trends in AgTech run the gamut! Tune in to find out what’s hot and how you can be part of one of St. Louis’ fastest growing industries with Connie Bowen is the Program Manager at Yield Lab, Kristina Menn from Arvegenix and Betsy Boedeker, Sr. Research Scientist, CRO Coordinator at St. Louis Community College.

In her role at Yield Lab, Connie is familiar with the trends such as big data, precision farming, crop yield technology and animal health that are exciting investors while working to solve global issues related to alternative energy, hunger and environmental sustainability. Arvegenix, one of Yield Lab’s portfolio companies, exemplifies the local opportunity for startups to capitalize on these global trends. As new companies are formed to commercialize new technologies, new jobs are created, too.

We learn more about the opportunities for job seekers in our conversation with Kristina who was Arvegenix’s “employee #1!” A local startup, Arvegenix found the capital and other resources, including home-grown talent, it needed to grow. Likewise, Kristina used her local resources – the St. Louis Community College Plant and Life Sciences bio-technician training program and the internship program Betsy administers – to get the technical training and hands-on experience she needed to be part of the region’s startup ecosystem. One might say St. Louis has created fertile soil in which new ideas, visions and innovations can grow! This virtuous circle of innovation, entrepreneurship, technical training and personal drive are creating a fly-wheel that is energizing our region!

Episode 2.4 – From Farmers to Physicists – AgTech Trends

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  • January 12, 2017 at 11:04 pm

    This is a great podcast that describes how hands-on training and education in biotechnology in a short term program can lead to a job in the growing field of life science in the St. Louis region. Listen and then check out this fantastic program offered by St. Louis Community College at BRDG Park / The Danforth Plant Science Center in Creve Coeur, Missouri.

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