Episode 2.9 – SLATE AND SBDC-Connecting Earners with Owners

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Christy and Cheryl get to meet a lot of interesting people. After a particularly fun and productive meeting with Stacey Fowler from SLATE and Kevin Wilson from the SBTDC, they knew they had to have them on the show. Get ready to take some notes – you won’t believe the golden opportunities and hidden gems out there to help you get training, tap new talent or pursue your startup dream.

Some of you who grew up in St. Louis may remember SLATE – the St. Louis Agency on Training and Employment – as the place to get a summer job. As Stacey Fowler shares, it is so much more. From apprenticeships that benefit both workers and employers to employment services and an entrepreneurship training program offered in partnership with SBTDC and Legal Services of Eastern MO, there is something for everyone who wants to build a business or career in St. Louis.

Kevin Wilson from SBTDC is in studio alongside Stacy to explain how their partnership works, how they created a new nonprofit to create the Small Business Empowerment Center and the City’s Project Connect Action Plan that connects development projects north of downtown, including NGA. He also gives listeners some insider tips on how to prepare their company to do business with NGA.

Episode 2.9 – SLATE AND SBDC-Connecting Earners with Owners

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