Episode 2.5 – Healthcare Offers Wealth of Entrepreneurial Opportunity

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Healthcare businesses are doing well in our region and many entrepreneurs are building strong businesses in this industry. Today, we are speaking with two entrepreneurs in this market sector —one building a new venture, DEAL-C2, focused on diabetes home care and another seasoned and successful entrepreneur, chiropractor, and business partner in Proficient Chiropractic.

Sonia Deal, CEO of DEAL-C2, is a new business owner in our region building and scaling her business to include a three-phase system for diabetes care—the first phase will include community education and home care, the next phase will focus on building a diabetes care clinic and lastly, a skilled nursing home facility focused on diabetes is Sonia’s ultimate goal for her venture. Listen to Sonia tell her story of how and why she feels she is uniquely capable of “changing the face of diabetes care!”

Dr. Edgar Everett III, a partner in Proficient Chiropractic, was introduced to the chiropractic field when he was a teenager and instantly knew, this was the profession for him. He and his business partner, Dr. Xaivier Tipler, have built two thriving practice locations in our region. They are both dedicated to their profession and also to the community with their mission simply stated, “to create a reality of Oneness in the hearts and souls of our Community”. Hear Dr. Everett describe how he and his partner built their successful practice, engaged the community and utilized mentors to help them “think entrepreneurially” and reach new heights of achievement.


Episode 2.5 – Healthcare Offers Wealth of Entrepreneurial Opportunity

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