Episode 2.2 – Immigrant Entrepreneurs! A World of Enterprising Opportunity


Today we are speaking with Betsy Cohen, Executive Director for the Regional Immigration & Innovation Initiative, the St. Louis Mosaic Project and Julia Li, Founder and Executive Director, Create Space Generator and Executive in her family’s business, JX Restaurants, which includes the famous LuLu Seafood restaurant.

Betsy leads the St. Louis Mosaic Project, an outstanding organization focused on supporting foreign-born populations in our region.  You will learn about this organization’s impact in our region and how she and her team have made great strides supporting entrepreneurial endeavors for many foreign born individuals.  Julia and her family are great examples of the success made by foreign born entrepreneurs.

You don’t want to miss her family’s story and Julia’s personal journey which starts in Shanghai, takes her to Washington University and stops she made along the away at Nickelodeon, The Walt Disney Company and Scratch Music Group before coming back home to St. Louis and running her family’s business and then starting her new venture, Create Space Generator.  This is an experience you don’t want to miss!

Episode 2.2 – Immigrant Entrepreneurs! A World of Enterprising Opportunity

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