Episode 1.9 Entrepreneurial Insight with Zim Hang


In this episode Christy and Cheryl hang out with Zim Hang,¬†CEO and Co-Founder of Chrona Sleep. Zim is a self described neuroscience entrepreneur and product development Swiss Army Knife. Together they explore the technical and human sides of building a business. Be inspired by this young entrepreneur’s approach to learning, processing failure and connecting the dots.



zim-linkedin-profpic-high-resIt’s hard to spend time with Zim and not know that optimism is in his DNA. So too is his¬†intuition for identifying and capitalizing on emerging product and technology trends. Not a fan of following the rules, he started at Washington University in the architecture program, jumped into the Hatchery capstone class with no prior business or entrepreneurship experience and graduated with a degree in psychology.

Listen to find out how his experience as an 8-year old immigrant shaped his ability to adapt through introspection and led him to hone his skills as a divergent thinker, fluid learner and someone for whom entrepreneurship is an extension of the the scientific method- a series of experiments.


Episode 1.9 Entrepreneurial Insight with Zim Hang

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