Episode 1.3: “Pain Free” Entrepreneurship with Marissa Paine

Christy and Cheryl spend time with Marissa Paine, CEO of the Painefree Group. Join us for a lively discussion of what it takes to follow your dreams, the importance of remembering the “people part” of change management and the power of naming what it is you want. Download Marissa’s e-book Confessions of an Unfulfilled Workaholic.



Marissa Q. Paine is the Principal & CEO of The Painefree Coaching & Consulting Group, a leadership and organization development company providing coaching, training, facilitation, strategic planning and change management consulting that builds better leaders, stronger boards and teams and healthier, more effective organizations. A corporate executive turned social worker, Marissa specializes in leading organizational change; helping boards, executives and leadership teams to confront their roadblocks, crystalize their change strategies and ultimately create the results they want and need to ensure organizational success.

Marissa maintains a coaching roster of CEOs, senior executives, small business owners and other leaders from diverse sectors as well as peer groups and leadership teams. She is a sought after speaker, trainer and retreat facilitator known for her light-hearted ability to connect with her audience and deliver content in a way that is both relevant and relatable. Marissa’s consulting work in the areas of change management, performance improvement and organization development has spanned organizations ranging from childcare to healthcare with budgets ranging from zero to a hundred million.

A woman of deep faith, Marissa is quick to share her story of triumph over adversity with anyone who will listen. A proud wife and mother of three, Marissa and her family currently reside in the Greater St. Louis, Missouri region.

Episode 1.3: “Pain Free” Entrepreneurship with Marissa Paine

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